Quick Answer: Can Too Much Exercise Cause Hormonal Imbalance?

As over-exercising can lead to hormonal imbalance or changes, including testosterone and cortisol (our stress hormone), it can drive overeating and the body can also begin to burn muscle instead of fat.

These can compromise training sessions and cause your body to hold onto or gain fat, particularly abdominal fat.

Can working out mess with your hormones?

“How you exercise affects your hormones, both positively and negatively,” gynecologist Sara Gottfried, MD, author of The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet, tells Bustle. But actually, exercise has a U-shaped association, meaning that moderate amounts are optimal but low or high levels can be harmful.”

How can I balance my hormones with exercise?

Petty recommends a combination of strength training and cardio workouts to maximize health benefits and boost hormone levels. High-intensity exercises like squats, lunges, pull-ups, crunches and pushups are ideal, with minimal rest time in between. The more intense a workout, the more these hormones are released.

Can too much exercise cause high blood pressure?

For instance, exercise hypertension is a condition that causes an extreme spike in blood pressure during physical activity. People with exercise hypertension can experience spikes in systolic blood pressure up to 250 mm Hg during exercise.

Can too much exercise be harmful?

It turns out that the answer is yes. Exercise provides many health benefits, but at some point working out too hard or too long increases the risk of injury and other adverse effects. And not all the research on “extreme” exercise has found increased risks — but overdoing exercise can be a problem.